3 simple things you should add to your self-care routine

I’m a firm believer that you should establish a self-care routine to keep track and successfully maintain all the small things and practices that can be beneficial to you. Having that said, I must confess that, for the longest time, I had a hard time committing to one myself. There are always excuses like not having time, money or patience. So, I invite you to read this post and find out the three simple yet effective habits that can nurture you and make you feel pampered and healthy in no-time.

The first one is tongue scraping. Yes, it sounds gross, but is is weirdly satisfying to do this every morning and you’ll be shocked with the amount of buildup on your tongue.  According to ayurvedic tradition, this should be the first thing you do in the morning, just after waking up and before brushing your teeth, to remove toxins before eating or drinking anything. I’ve noticed that my mouth feels much better after performing this, and in therms of breath freshness, mouth hygiene and overall health is is a great practice to add to your daily routine. You can choose either a copper or stainless steel one and replace it like you would with your toothbrush.


The second one is dry-brushing. I’ve added this to my [almost] daily routine, and it takes 5 minutes before shower in the morning. It truly is an invigorating practice and I’ve found it most helpful since I am genetically prone to bad circulation and have dry skin on my body. You can read more about the benefits and methods of dry brushing here, or watch it here but, shortly, it is essentially brushing your entire body with a natural brush [like this one with cactus bristles] performing long and repeated movements along your limbs, always towards the center [the heart]. This will stimulate your lymphatic system and circulation and also, get rid of dead skin. After dry brushing, you take your shower and moisturize as usual. I’ve noticed lots of improvement both in my skin, which is more uniform and appears more firm, and improved circulation with a slight reduction in terms of varicose veins.


Finally, the third habit to add to your routine would be facial self-massage. Believe me when I say this will do wonders for you not only by improving your skin but by relaxing you before bed. I like to use a natural oil, like argan which works well with my skin type, but if you are not comfortable with it just yet, just try to add some of the movements while applying your moisturizer at night. There are several ways you can do this, like with this japanese technique, this one from mindbodygreen and this one from contentbeauty. You will find that they all have some points in common and they all provide deep relaxation to your face muscles and improve your skin. Plus, while massaging mindfully, you are also preparing yourself for a restful sleep and increasing nutrient absorption from whichever oil or cream you are using to massage with [so choose something good, simple and natural!]. You can argue that no one has time for this, but It truly only takes the amount of time you want it to, and you can do it when you get home, just after dinner, and not exactly before bed. Choose whenever you find you can benefit from a tiny moment for yourself at night and do this 🙂

[image: Mind Body Green]
[image: Mind Body Green]

So, I hope you try these suggestions and find them beneficial for your mind and your body! Let me know in the comments below if you already do any of these practices or if you have others that you would like to share.


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