Arctic Power Berries {review}

I am yet to know someone who doesn’t like berries. I’m sure there is someone, but for the sake of this post let’s focus on the majority of people who enjoy their blueberry pancakes, cranberry smoothies or blackcurrant porridge. Unfortunately, berries are quite possibly the one thing I always look for but almost never bring home with me from the market… honestly, their prices are prohibitive, even more when you look at the poor wrinkly berries hidding underneath the more vibrant ones, just to catch our eye!

This year, while traveling around Scotland, Mr Lee and I bought a good portion of blueberries while stocking on some snacks for our Highland journey. We were most surprised to find them looking perfect and for a bit over £1. We were even more surprised later on when we read the label only to realize they were imported from our own country (Portugal). So there we were, in the middle of Scotland eating magnificent cheap organic blueberries that were actually from our country, where you never find them so plump at that price…

Well, of course there are always deals to look out for, discounts, etc… or you can always buy them frozen (which is quite a good option). Or you can give the Arctic Power Berries a try. I found these on Instagram and was very intrigued by this concept. This company, created by two friends, offers berries in powder – just that. Each tube has only dehidrated and powdered organic berries and nothing else. They are sugar free, non-GMO, preservative free, vegan, gluten-free and raw (dried below 40 degrees). They are very open about their company and the whole process in their website.

I got the Skin care bundle for myself because I love blueberries and cranberries and was very curious about the seabuckthorn (which I ended up loving too) and found the powders very easy to use and blend either in cold smoothies or warm porridge. They also last a long time as 1 teaspoon equals a handful of berries. Another bonus is the long shelf life due to their packaging, something that does not happen with fresh berries… I got mine over 3 months ago and the tubes are still quite full even with frequent use!

Bottom line, I love this brand and the powders as they are so versatile, practical and economical. I now have purple oats and pink smoothies just a magical teaspoon away 🙂



Disclaimer: All opinions about these products are my own and not influenced in any way. This is not a sponsored post.


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