Breakfast Green Smoothie {gluten-free, vegan}

In my childhood, I was the kind of difficult girl to wake up to go to school. I loved school, I just hated the waking up part… My godmother used to prepare me a strong chocolate milk, tried to wake me up while I opened one sleepy eye and asked her if the milk came with a straw. And then I drank the sweet beverage with half of my mind awake while she attemped to dress me. Those were my Calvin&Hobbes moments in my youth.

With time, as I became older, I started to make my own breakfast and actually started to dislike the idea of eating anything in the morning… From age 9 to 13 I can say I really hated morning food. And then, as a teenager, I just became a breakfast person. I can honestly say that it is my favorite meal (well, if it is brunch, even better).

I became known for eating the most unusual things (for the western patterns) in the morning. Basically I would eat all kinds of dinner leftovers. Roast potatoes were on top of my list! I once ate meatloaf for breakfast while on a weekend with friends and got very strange looks! Now even if I don’t eat meatloaf anymore, I still prefer the savory kind of breakfast. My favorite thing when going to the UK is the english or scotish breakfast at B&Bs and there are more and more vegan options which are even better than the regular version!

When at home, on weekends, we have brunch and I will add a latte, but during the week, I’ve realized that I feel better starting off with a big glass of water and later, the green smoothie. I try to distribute my meals evenly in terms of carbohidrates, protein and fat along the day so, the morning green smoothie helps me to keep satiated until lunch time most of the times and avoids the lethargy that sometimes bread or oats cause, although I love these in the morning as well! As I’ve said, the secret is always balance!

So here it is, the simple green smoothie I drink almost every single day with little variations.

For 1 smoothie, just blend all these together:

250 ml of water or plant milk of your choice

1 ripe banana (sometimes I use frozen ones)

1 handful of spinach

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tsp matcha powder

1 heaped tsp almond butter

The taste of spinach is almost unnoticeable with the banana. Also, matcha powder is, for me, much more effective than coffee and gives a boost for the whole day with just a spoon. About the almond butter, well, is best not to overuse it, but it is a great addition to help with nutrition absorption and digestive health. As for the taste itself, that is a matter of habit, really. I find it really tasty (obviously) but at first it was just weird to add spinach to a beverage.

Now I’ve grown so accostumed to it that I’m looking forward to have my green smoothie every morning, with its vibrant and wonderful colour. I hope you enjoy it too!

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