Trying to “be the difference you want to see in the world”

You know that one thing that keeps you up at night and makes you wake up full of energy in the morning? That one thing that you talk about with your friends and family with such passion that your eyes just shine? That passion that makes you read everything about it in books and online? Well, for me, topics like veganism, yoga, meditation or even holistic wellbeing give me that kind of joy. That is the one main reason why I’ve started this blog, which is mostly a guide (for myself and for all of you who wish to join the familee 😉 ) for a happy and compassionate life. Because I just love the person I’ve become while embracing it. Not that I’m better or worse, I’m just different.

If I were to be more specific, I would say that is not just veganism or some wellbeing practices – the seed truly lies within spreading a message of compassion and love. I am still very much aware that I have a long way to go, as we are always learning – I still get annoyed or irritated at external events and people, and still sometimes share less than kind words when I’m frustrated. But, this one choice about my lifestyle, gave me different eyes towards the world. It also taught me forgiveness – towards others and myself, because we are costantly growing and reshaping, turning into versions of ourselves.

The reason I’ve made that choice was because I wasn’t feeling well. I often felt sick, tired, lacking patience, judgmental, critical and filled with that prejudice I had no idea was in me. We are all quick to judge, but while I now abstain to do that I am also conscious that I do it occasionally. I am aware that I have prejudice towards some things or people, I notice when I get my feelings in the way of a clear and loving mind. I am not perfect, but I now accept that, work with that and by feeling it, I try to always put myself in other peoples shoes. Only by trying to put yourself in place of that person you can realize that we are all human and we all make mistakes. And yet, we can never truly grasp that entirely, as we don’t know what that person’s past is all about.

By commiting to a compassionate lifestyle, I have to also commit to accept that we all have flaws, come from different places and have different interests, while we all remain just human. I see many prejudice from and towards vegans/vegetarians, towards meditation (which is not related to religion but to observe the mind) and to yoga (as a weaker kind of workout, for instance), when these are actually a lifestyle and things you keep practicing. It’s easier to just get annoyed by the many (mostly not so kind) comments people will always have regarding your choices, but I always try to remember that kind words take the message further. Also, I’m not saying that we should all stop visiting our doctor, or just treat ourselves with herbs and moonlight, there is a place for everything and, my point is, there is always the choice to try and perceive something with an embracing mentality, rather than to catalogue all that is strange to us as being a hippie craze or a fading trend. What would be the point of advocating veganism and compassion if not by using the same mindset and attitude that got me here in the first place?

And if the title of this post quotes Gandhi, I thought that maybe we could end with these beautiful words by Jane Goodall:


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